Doughnut Plant Seasonal Offerings

I know I still haven’t made it through the Eater list of 14 best doughnut destinations.  I have four to go, but they’re all inconvenient – in a New York City kind of way.  I promise, we will get there.  Instead of trekking to Bay Ridge, I decided to go to Doughnut Plant and check out their seasonal offerings.

I always have to get the Tres Leches – and it never disappoints.  Moist on the inside, lovely layer of crunch on the outside.  I could eat them and nothing else for the rest of my life and be happy, but that would not an interesting blog make.
The Mexican Wedding was not what I was expecting. Looking at it, I kind of thought it would just be a little glazed cake doughnut. But it had nuts and wasn’t too sweet but was dense and satisfying.
Strawberry: Starts off great but somehow doesn’t taste as real as I would expect a fruit doughnut to taste from Doughnut Plant. Maybe it’s something inherent to strawberries as I hate strawberry yogurt too. Maybe strawberries just take in the flavor of the sugar and make them taste fake or something? I don’t know. But it wasn’t my favorite.
Chocolate Mole: And now we’re back to what DP does well. Real chocolate flavor, beautifully moist cake doughnut, thin glaze giving it the slightest crunch. Lovely. I want to eat this with my fancy coffee outside on this beautiful spring day in NYC. I want to savor this.
Coffee Cake: May take over first place from Tres Leches. There is some yummy coffee filling in the center, the cake is perfectly dense but still moist, the glaze is thin and not too sweet but the crumb topping! My word the crumb topping. There is some salt in there and ground coffee beans and I want to put this on everything but that would mean taking a spin class a day until the end of time and I just don’t have room on my calendar.

From Erinn:
Mexican Wedding: I had no idea what to expect when I bit into my baby doughnut that was the Cinco de Mayo themed doughnut. It had the consistency of a churro but not the same cinnamon sugar flavor you would get from eating a churro. I’d call this one glazed churro cause that’s essentially what it was.
Strawberry: Nice touch of little strawberry glaze through this doughnut. Immediately reminded me of Dunkin Donut’s strawberry doughnut which is a go to at DD’s for me.
Tres Leches: WOW. The first bite of this was bursting with flavor. It wasn’t dry at all and it oozes with cream when you bite into this. I know oozing may sound disgusting but when you’re talking about a tres leches doughnut, it’s a very appropriate word. How appropriate that doughnut is white because I could hear the angels sing as I ate this one.
Coffee Cake: Finally a coffee cake that actually taste like coffee. It wasn’t overly dry with just crumbles on top. It really did have a nice not overpowering coffee flavor to it. It was just the way it should be as I drank my iced coffee.
Chocolate Mole: Little taste of chocolate heaven. The glaze over the top wasn’t too much it was just right and what’s that? A little taste of cinnamon, or perhaps it was sitting next to the coffee cake doughnuts, either way YES! #crushedit #ontothenextone

And a new doughnut tester, Michael:
Mexican Wedding: Dense and nutty, but with chunks of nuts, not just a nutty in flavor.  The cake is soft ,but the different textures add to the experience.
Coffee Cake: Oh my God! Too much cream in the middle, but that’s my personal preference. Had just the right amount of frosting, though.
Strawberry: Artificial tasting. More pieces of actual strawberry probably would have helped. The glaze is betraying the freshness of the fruit.
Tres Leches: I like it because it’s so simple. Glaze not too thick, just the right amount of filling. Thank you!
Someone stole his Chocolate Mole doughnut – not his fault.
Happy Thursday!

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