Three People

Sometimes Savasana is just quiet time at the end of class. Last week Thursday, at Yoga Vida we had a guided Savasana. Our teacher asked us to think of three people who have influenced us. People who we can thank. She said she uses this as a meditation every morning and that sometimes the people change but most times they don’t. That it allows her to start the day with positivity. These were my three people.

My mom was is and will always be my number one. I love my children more – she knows that and wouldn’t have it any other way. But no one has influenced me as much as my mother. She is the strongest person I know. She held two and three jobs at a time but never made me feel neglected. She budgeted us down to the penny, but I never thought we were poor (there were months and years when we most definitely were, but I didn’t see it at all). She was my mom and dad and still is my best friend. She is honest and supporting and willing to grow and change even to this day, at 81 years old.

My daughter is my heart. She made me the thing I always wanted to be. She challenges me every day and I am thankful for it. I love her so much it literally hurts, like actual pain. If you told me that smashing a glass and jamming it in my eye would somehow make her life better I would do it before asking you how. She is my small rabbit and the only reason I fear death is that I will miss her.

My friend Alana challenges me in a way that I won’t accept from anyone else. When Terry McMillan wrote an article (and I guess a book) about why women weren’t married I initially agreed with her diagnosis. Raised by a mom who was born in the 30s I was (admittedly) kind of a “Rules” girl. Alana challenged me, unabashedly. She made me see the misogyny dripping from my defense of the article and the ideas it espoused. Her response made me finally see the interesting duality of my mom – a strong woman who made it in the world on her own, but mostly because she didn’t think a woman should or could really ask anything of a man.

It was interesting to have those three women pop in to my head so easily. During my next Savasana – guided or not, I am going to try this exercise again and see what happens. I would say that I could follow my teacher’s suit and do it in the morning. But mornings are generally filled with crying babies and bacon (my daughter’s breakfast of choice) so I will have to go another way.



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