Pies & Thighs

Back on track, I made it to #11 on the Eater list of best doughnuts in NYC – Pies & Thighs. The original location is in Brooklyn. When this outpost opened, I heard a lot about the sourdough doughnut. Sadly, it has taken me quite a while to make it to the place which is too bad because it is super cute and I would love to go there for dinner. The space looks like a diner, but the food is way better than what you would expect from one. The smell alone was inviting and I really wanted to cosy up to the counter and order a full meal. Next time… For now, we have some doughnuts to discuss:

Chocolate cake: Tastes like actual cake. Crispy (even a little crunchy) on the outside, not too much glaze to overpower it. Could be moister but satisfying none the less.
Sugar Raised: It was the favorite in my office. I think it’s because of the sugar – there is something extra going on in there. Like pineapple or some other fruit? Super fresh, which is always nice.
Sourdough: OK, the secret here is to never talk up one particular doughnut because I am going to hold it to a higher standard than the rest. The combination of sour and sweet is good – could go a little heavier on the glaze to balance it out more. But I like that they went for something new. There is a lightness to it that I quite enjoy.
Butter Pecan Crunch: Sweet baby Jesus if it weren’t for the calories I would eat this every day for the rest of my life. It is sticking to my teeth and I still want more. I hope they are all gone by the time I walk past the kitchen later or I will eat more and more. The waves of flavors are amazing – sugar, butter, pecans, brown (slightly burnt) sugar, butter again. Yes please and thank you.
Old Fashioned: I am one of those strange people who like whole wheat doughnuts. I like the balance of the hearty, natural flavor mixed with sugary goodness. This was close to that – with a little more cinnamon. The best part were the slightly burnt bits which were extra crispy and held just that much more oil. Emoji prayer hands.

From Miss Erinn:
Sourdough: Hmmm…reminds me of…I honestly have no idea, but I wouldn’t call this one a doughnut. More like…a cross between a glazed croissant meets loaf of bread?? For the first time, I don’t know where I stand on this doughnut.
Butter Pecan Crunch: Such a nice sweetness to this one with a bit of crunch on top. I now understand where the term thighs comes from for the name of the shop with this one…I could eat 5 more.
Pineapple Habanero: Pineapple spice?! YES PLEASE. It’s extremely flavorful with a taste of cinnamon that suddenly turns into a spice but not such a powerful spice where you want to die.
Sugar Raised: So light, and airy. I’m floating on a cloud as I eat this one. The sugar to fluffy ratio is impeccable. Pleasantly surprised.

So if you find yourself on Canal and East Broadway, or anywhere on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for that matter, be sure to stop in! I plan to go back for a full mean as soon as I can!



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