Laughing Lotus (Studio Review)

Thanks to ClassPass, as is almost always the case, I tried a new studio this week. As much as I love ClassPass and the flexibility it offers me, I do sometimes really see the fact that I am missing being part of the community that a consistent practice at one (or two) studios can offer. It’s the reason why I am continually drawn to Bikram Yoga East Harlem – in spite of my misgivings about the man himself.

Laughing Lotus is a magical studio in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. I have been trying to find some confidence in my yoga practice so I decided to sign up for their Lotus Fly class which is described as their most advanced. “Jam-packed with inversions and arm balances,” I hoped I would be OK. The teacher told us that he thinks of “advanced” yogis as people who are dedicated to their practice and try to make it to the mat every day. He said the only things we needed to worry about was breathing and enjoying that breath. And then we started the class in headstand. Granted, he gave us options but still – we STARTED in headstand. It was a great class, the flow was different – not your usual sun salutation that builds through different Warrior postures and then a final, master posture. It was basically all master postures. But it was certainly fun, challenging and welcoming. I returned to my desk and signed up for two more classes on the following two days.

Yesterday I took the Lotus Hour – described as an open level class. It was marginally easier than the other class. We flowed through sequences, building as we went. The sequences were unusual and enjoyable. The class was clearly populated with lots or regulars as they easily joked with the teacher. And she sat with us and demonstrated some of the more unusual things she had us do. We finished with a double compass pose (both legs in the air) which I have never seen before but will certainly practice.

Today I planned to take a third class but had to cancel at the last minute because of boring work obligations. Which was OK, I went to Y7 tonight instead. We flow hard!

The studio itself is lovely – on the third floor of a loft building which, if you read this blog regularly you know is my favorite. There are two spacious rooms where classes are held – each painted beautiful colors with floor to ceiling windows and pink and purple curtains which give the room a lovely glow when it’s time for Shavasana. Mats are available to rent for $2 but since I purchased my Lululemon mat (more on that in a later post) I drag it around with me everywhere I go. Using my super fancy hot pink strap, of course. There is a free glitter bar, though – if that’s your jam. Sadly I am usually going to class during lunch and can’t go back to work with a face full of glitter. Actually, I probably could – if I’m being honest. There is a shower which is nice – the classes will make you break a sweat. And they have all sorts of clothes and yoga accessories available for purchase.

I will be back to Laughing Lotus for my allotted three classes per month, for sure. I am getting better at trying new things! Yeah me!



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