Weekly Workouts (June 1st)

I feel like I JUST wrote about this, because I did. But I want to get back on track with posting – after a mini vacation hiatus. So here we go…

Last week I was brave and not only tried my first ever Zumba class, but also tried out a new yoga studio: Laughing Lotus. I rounded out my week with two favorites: Y7 Studio on Friday and Bikram Yoga East Harlem Saturday and Sunday.

I really do love Y7 Studio – the combination of yoga and hip hop is so crazy it works. However, on Friday the class was a little crazier than usual. The teacher always walks us through a sequence of postures. We start off slow and then get faster, syncing movement to breath. We usually do the sequence guided four times and then alone twice. The first time went well. The second sequence was so long and disjointed that when the time came for us to do it by ourselves, NO ONE was doing what he or she was meant to do. The guy next to me were face to face a couple of times, meaning one of us was completely off. But I decided not to care and just did what I wanted to do. Not really the point of going to a class – but I sweat my ass off so it was worth it. And the music is always great.

Today I am going to try a studio called The Movement which is super close to my office and donates $1 per person per class to charity. So that’s nice. I’m taking a class called POWERED which features fast paced exercises but doesn’t require that I wear shoes. Should be interesting.

Tomorrow I’m signed up for class at Yoga Shanti with Heather Lilleston which is exciting and frightening. She is no joke. I should bring all the people who tell me that yoga is good for stretching to her class. Shut them right up.

Wednesday I’m back to Y7 Studio and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I’m going to Bikram Yoga East Harlem. I am trying my hardest to use up my credits before they expire. I was considering a double or two but then I sat down in class on Saturday and felt like I was going to die on Sunday so I think maybe it’s not the best idea. If I lose $20, so be it.

Oh, and I’m doing not one but TWO posture challenges on Instagram. Get ready for me to blow up your feed. What’s that? You don’t follow me on The Gram? Well, you should @notsefatia



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