Last week Sunday I felt super dizzy in Bikram class. In a room heated to 104 °F with a humidity level of 40%, it’s not exactly unusual to feel that way. But then I started getting tunnel vision and as we came out of compression postures, my limbs felt more tingly than usual. I was dehydrated. Yes, I was under extreme conditions in that sweaty little box of a room, but it wasn’t the reason for my feeling like I was going to pass out.

I haven’t been drinking enough water. NYC is hot and humid and I like to exercise in the equivalent of a sauna so you would think that I could remember to drink more. But sometimes, especially on weekends when I am home with my kids, running around – I forget. A couple of weeks ago, I read about the “WORST KICKSTARTER EVER” on Gawker. The video hawking the product is ridiculous – it drips of First World problems and white privilege. But the product itself is actually quite beautiful and maybe if I had one sitting in my living room, I would remember to drink more water? With 31 days to go, they have exceeded their goal many times over.

It is my understanding that, every day, I am supposed to drink (in ounces) half my bodyweight. So if I weigh 140lbs, I should drink 65oz of water every day. If I exercise that day, I am supposed to drink an additional 15-20oz of water 1-2 hours before my workout, another 8-10oz 15 minutes before I start and 8oz every 15 minutes as I am exercising. That seems excessive. But the hardest part for me is that with Bikram, I basically have to drink the day before in order to stave off dehydration.

Maybe I need to drink some water flavored with lemon or other fruits to make it more interesting? I know that coffee and soda can actually make things worse. Never mind that glass of beer or wine I have with dinner. Between the drinking and the peeing, I’m not going to have time for anything else.

How do you make sure to keep hydrated?


6 thoughts on “Dehydration

  1. Lord – you read my mind today. I try to drink more; but I’ve noticed the more I drink the more my body gets used to it and the less frequently I use the girl’s room. Go figure. Try getting one of those infusion bottles they really help. I can really chug down a bottle or two with different fruits – saves me from the boredom of plain water.

    I use this one, its convenient and sturdy. Good luck!

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      1. Don’t be grossed out – my mom was when I told her. I use the same fruit for like 2 days. I feel like the most time the fruit spends in the water – the more flavor it produces. By the end of the 2 days – the fruit is more mush then anything else – so I trash it.

        So far my favorites are, Strawberries and mint (great for skin) & strawberries and oranges (I’m sure its good for something but just tastes fantatic).

        PS – I’m on day 4 of my 30 day yoga challenge. And I’m already sitting straighter and feeling great!! 🙂


      2. Um…Uh…Well, I haven’t tried it so I won’t judge. Two days, you say? I’ll start by getting an infuser. 😉 So excited to know that you are sticking with your 30 day challenge. Namaste!


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