Flexible Friday = Dough Loco

In my office, we can take Flexible Fridays in the summer. It means you don’t have to come to the office but are expected to be available as needed. For me, it means working from my dining table while my son watches cartoons. After nine hours together (my husband and daughter left around 8AM) I needed a break. So I packed him up in the stroller and we headed out to Dough Loco. I haven’t been in a while. My love affair with Dough is such that I don’t want to have yeast doughnuts from anywhere else. So the below are all cake.

Loco-Fetti: My mom declared the doughnut “out of this world” but she eats Dunkin every day, so I didn’t 100% believe she would be correct. But she was. The cake was super moist and had some yummy nutmeg and other spices in it. It was super fresh, the frosting on the outside was just sweet enough and the sprinkles added a little crunch.

Wasabi Pistachio: For this one, my mom let out a “wow!” It had the flavor of wasabi, but not the spice. And the pistachios were a no-show. The doughnut itself was nice and fresh but nothing too exciting.

Creamsicle: How can something so orange taste like nothing at all. There is sweetness but that’s it. My mom loves sugar and she was bored. She said: if you shut your eyes you still don’t taste anything. I didn’t know that was a way to test things, but OK.

Chocolate “Chip”: Does the head baker not have any taste buds? Did she (or he) not actually taste these doughnuts before they were put out? The whole point of these should be that the chips are salty and balance out the sweetness of the doughnuts. But they aren’t – they are just there and crunchy but there is no salt. Which is too bad because the doughnut itself is lovely and moist and the chocolate frosting is perfectly balanced.

Once again, my favorite Dough Loco doughnut was the first one I had. Maybe I should go, buy one doughnut and get a yummy Intelligentsia Cold Brew and call it a day? That actually sounds great!

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Flexible Friday = Dough Loco

  1. Your doughnut posts crack me up…I worked at a chain doughnut shop when I was 20, and I think that probably has something to do with this! I sense that perhaps NYC doughnuts are extra special, so the next time I make out east, I will blog about the experience in your honor. Namaste :0)

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    1. I worked at a bagel shop in high school – reinforced my NYC bagel snobbery. But I totally understand how it could turn someone off something completely. If you come to NYC I will get you a Dough doughnut. If it can’t change your mind, nothing will.

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