Two Weeks, Two Yoga Challenges 

I have done a number of Instagram yoga challenges hosted by Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna (AKA Beach Yoga Girl). This month was to be no different, with a challenge that has a charitable slant. If we participants make it to 150,000 hashtagged posts, $5,000 will be donated to Yoga Gives Back.

A few days before that challenge started, a friend asked me to join her in another one. I sometimes feel like I should branch out and try new challenges – ones that aren’t hosted by Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna. And it was nice to be invited, so I said yes. With the second challenge, we are doing a lot of postures that are similar to the 26 that comprise a Bikram Yoga class. However, the host who demonstrates the postures every day is a little sloppy for my taste. People comment on how beautiful her postures are but they just look like a hot mess to me. Granted, everyone’s yoga practice is his or her own. So maybe let’s just say that her style isn’t mine.

Part of what I love about Kino and Kerri (I met Kerri once so I feel we have achieved first-name status) are so clean in their yoga. I can watch their videos, with no verbal or written instruction and know how to get into the posture perfectly. They also demonstrate different levels of each posture, making them more accessible.

Both challenges asked for crow pose, which I always need to practice. Kino and Kerri gave some great pointers with Kerri demonstrating how to get into the postures on your toes so your knees are as far up on your arms as possible. And Kino reminded us not to dump our body weight into our arms but rather to use our stomach muscles to pull up into the posture.

Both also ask for Bow Pose with Kerri and Kino dropping into the posture from standing. That is something I haven’t done in 25 years. After doing the math in my head ten times and coming to terms with its veracity, I plucked up the courage to do it. And with my husband spotting me, I did it! Once, but still. It was a mess, but still!

I will complete both challenges because I am not one to quit. But I think I will give a look at the host account before joining a challenge the next time. Or maybe I will just stick with my besties Kerri and Kino.



5 thoughts on “Two Weeks, Two Yoga Challenges 

    1. So I am now trying it like this: starting in mountain pose, I bring my hands down to the floor directly in front of my feet. I then go up on my tippy toes and get my knees in to my armpits. Lovely. From there, I try to avoid tipping too far forward and rather keepsake my arms as straight as possible and use my stomach and thigh muscles to lift my toes off the floor. While my arms don’t stay perfectly straight they used to be like Chaturanga arms. And my face would be maybe two inches from the floor. Anyway, it’s getting better.


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