Sirsasana II (Tripod Headstand)

I almost managed to kick up into handstand in class the other day so I figure it’s about time I start writing about inversions.  My personal favorite is Tripod Headstand as I find the most stability with it.  This stability and comfort allows me to play around with different variations – theoretically in preparation for some day trying them while in other inversions.

Starting on hands and knees, make sure your hands are under your shoulders (I like to also keep my pointer fingers parallel to one another so I know my arms are in the same position). Bring the crown of your head down to the floor. You should be able to see both hands – this is the tripod shape, the triangle shape that you need to make. From here, bring your knees off the floor creating a sort of Dolphin Pose. Walk your toes in towards you as close as you can. If this is as much as you can do for now, namaste. My first foray into lifting off the ground came by bending one knee at a time bringing my feet up and in towards my bum. First one at at at time, then both together like Egg Pose. From there, I tried extending one leg at a time up into the air, holding one up, then the other. As I gained strength, I practiced lifting both legs up from Dolphin Pose through Pike and finally up to Headstand. Then the work comes in slowly bringing my legs down to the ground, through Pike again.

The benefits are many, tripod headstand strengthens the core, back, neck shoulders and arms. I probably love the posture as much as I do because it lengthens the spine and eases pressure on the lower back – a lovely side-effect of my office job. Beyond the physical benefits, tripod relaxes and energizes the mind.

I absolutely love tripod headstand and if I didn’t think my head would explode from the blood, I would probably live my life upside-down. I’m going to do another one now, if my kids let me.



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