Letting go of Grasshopper Pose (With my Tiny Arms)

Have you heard of the Belly Button Challenge? Theoretically it is a fun little game that asks if you can reach around behind you and touch your belly button. The idea is that your “fitness level” can be tested by your ability to twist yourself in to a knot. I am not at all ashamed to say that 1. I tried it and 2. I failed. What I am proud to tell you is that I didn’t care. But this wouldn’t have been true had this challenge been around when I was 22 instead of 39.

Now I know that my body is a physical documentation of my life – it bears the scars of the two kids I carried to term as well as those I could not. It reminds me of car accidents and stupid decisions. It is also the only body I have and I have learned to love it, to take care of it, and to be perfectly happy with what it can do – with some gentle prodding, of course. 22-year-old me would have tried and tried and eaten less that night to maybe give it another go in the morning. Thank God for growing up.

Which brings us to today’s yoga posture challenge – Peacock Pose. I have attempted this posture multiple times over several months and I can’t even begin to do it. Not because I am weak or inflexible but because the combination of arms that aren’t long enough to allow my elbows to get to my bellybutton and boobs that are big enough to get in the way. This posture simply may not ever happen. I wonder if the same isn’t true for Grasshopper Pose. There is something in the transition from twisted chair pose to full on grasshopper that eludes me. It’s not as bad as Peacock but it may just be something I can’t achieve. I don’t think my limbs are long enough. And that’s OK. I may some day prove myself wrong – that’s fine too.

People on Instagram comment that those who can’t do (or are complaining about) the Belly Button Challenge are just fat and jealous. I am neither but think maybe you, dear internet commenter of the mean variety, may have some things YOU should work on. Just for kicks, I twisted my five-year-old daughter’s arm behind her back to see if she could do it. Nope. Genetics, you are a tricky minx.

But Baby Grasshopper? I can do that all day.



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