Yoga Gives Back Challenge

If you read my blog regularly (or follow me on Instagram) you know that I am addicted to yoga posture challenges. This month was no different from the rest except for a lovely charitable component. More pictures posted with the hashtag #yogagivesback the more money we raise. As I type – we have posted 86,965 pictures.

My favorite two postures so far have been slight variations on supported headstands. One, Baddha Hasta Sirsasana or Bound Hand Headstand B (pictured above) was actually easier than I was expecting. Once I set my head in place, my legs honestly floated up. I have taken all kinds of yoga workshops where the instructor tells you that some day your legs will just float and I have rolled my eyes as you are no doubt doing now. But they really did! Like a lever, it was actually harder to keep my feet on the floor than it was to allow them to come up into a pike position.

Meanwhile, Badda Hasta Sirasana D was AMAZINGLY hard. Why would placing my hands on my shoulder blades instead of clasped behind my head – or in front of my head, apparently – make such a big difference. I want to study the physics of it. Measure the difference in the distance between my hands in supported headstand as opposed to my elbows in this posture. Or maybe it’s the area covered with my hands vs. my elbows? I’m crazy and I tried tripod headstand on my fingertips – hard. If only I had the time to measure this all out. If only.

Tomorrow we have Unsupported Headstand – again, easy. Again, I have questions about the physics of it all. Yoga is a strange thing – I love it so. And I am 100% going to try to lift my hands off the ground when I do it. Wish me luck!



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