Lavender Doughnuts

I need to get back into the groove. With working out. With blogging… Let’s start with eating some doughnuts, shall we. Best way to dip my toe in the water. I have never been able to catch the Lavender doughnuts at Doughnut Plant. They are only ever offered for a short time and I always seem to miss the window. Well not today. With me as always is Erinn, and today we add Isaac to the crew. So let’s do this!

From Erinn:
Lavender: First bite I really wasn’t sure where the lavender was. Ultimately it was a glazed doughnut to me but after a few more bites I could taste the lavender which brought on a sort of calmness. Although, eating doughnuts always makes me happy and calm.

Blueberry: Mmm so sweet and real tasting. The blueberry was extremely fresh tasting in the doughnut itself. May be too overpowered by the intense sugary frosting.

Coffee Cake: I have to give this little one props. Coffee cake can be so dry and blah tasting, but you could actually taste the coffee giving you that little extra buzz you need to get through the morning.

Coconut Lime: OLE! I seriously thought this was a coconut margarita in a doughnut. Margarita’s anyone??

From Isaac:
The blueberry doughnut is glazed in what can only be described as an incandescent veil of heaven. The blueberries, supple yet texterous, embrace a decadent sweetness described only as a pleasure of bliss consequence.

It was the eminent and illustrious George Washington whom crossed the Delaware River to defeat the British. Doughnut Plan accomplishes the second greatest feat by sea vessel, navigating the to isle of Key West to cultivate the every so revered “Key Limes”. Upon gracefully indulging my pallet with such sensual flavor, each taste-loaded lime-bite is reminiscent of the cannons flaring in the 1812 Overture.

The Lavender doughnut inspired me pen a poem:
In the Lavender essence
These there love
An everywhere amorous

Honestly, my own thoughts are so boring in comparison to the above, I’m not even going to bother sharing them with you. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy my cold brew and coffee cake doughnut.

Happy Thursday!


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