It’s Good to Have a Routine

This summer was a rough one for me, I won’t lie. Emotionally, physically – financially. My British half won’t allow me to delve too deeply into the emotional (or financial) side of things. Sufficient to say, I indulged in some self-pity and am now trying to pull myself back out.

My daughter has Autism. She attends a public school that offers a year-round program. This was supposed to be easy… It was not. The summer program was NOTHING like what she has during the regular school year. While it took a toll on my bank account, I had to put her in a private summer camp. I know I made the right decision and will plan to send her there again next summer. But I will be able to plan for it. This time around, it meant standing on the corner of 49th Street and 10th Avenue figuring out how I was going to come up with thousands of dollars at a moment’s notice. Things had to be sacrificed – my yoga classes, for one. My plan to go to teacher training this fall has now become a plan to do so next year. But really, there are people out there with much bigger problems than this.

Still, yoga is my therapy and not being able to go was tough for me. My daughter’s change in schedule was hard on my mom (AKA the nanny). I couldn’t ask her to watch my kids for hours on end and then ask for one more hour so I could go bend myself into a pretzel. However, school has started… The routine is back… And so am I!

A couple of people asked when my blog posts would return – I am so very flattered by your inquiries and hope that you will be pleased with Yoga and Doughnuts 2.0



2 thoughts on “It’s Good to Have a Routine

  1. Welcome back.

    You sure we’re not cosmic sisters or something?
    ABSOLUTE same story. I had about 3 weddings this summer, sounds frivolous but I had to go and give gifts and get outfits for myself and the boys and the husband. Then there was paying for Summer camp.

    All threw summer, I had a (free) afterschool plan for the kids starting September. Only on 09/01 my free plan, backed out. Now I needed to come up with thousands of dollars to register two kids in aftercare. And we were late, and therefore they missed deadlines – so I had to arrange for pick up the first week. Then had to explain to a 5 yr old that routine would change (after a week of him being a walker). It was murder on the nerves. The whole process. But thank god for some consistency rearing its head our way.

    But you know what mama, we came out the other end stronger! And yes there are people with bigger uglier problems. So here’s to being able to fend off these minor issues. Amen!

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    1. I really do think we may have been separated at birth! I’m glad you made it through the storm. And I know the hardest part of it all was convincing a 5-year-old that a pattern needed to change. Namaste.


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