Basic Yoga Mix Challenge: Week One

It has been a while since I made healthy eating and exercise a priority and my body shows it. I love taking photos of asanas (postures) because it helps with my alignment. But I have to say, it has been hard to see my belly in some of these postures lately. However, I will take it as motivation rather than shame and remember that I used that belly to make my two lovely children. So if it’s forever a little soft, I’m 100% fine with that. And if I can yoga my way to a flatter stomach, all the better. After a few spotty months, I am committed to a new challenge.

Day 1: Warrior I is a favorite – all of the Warrior postures are, really.  But looking at this photo, I am reminded that I really need to get back in to the swing of things.  My alignment is all off, my foot is off the ground.  This is a high lunge, not Warrior I.

Day 2: Plank is such a great posture for arm and ab strength.  Chaturanga gets more credit for being hard.  But try holding plank for more than ten seconds and you will see that it is asking a lot of you.  It is also easier to be in proper alignment with Plank than it is with Chaturanga.  I took an Ashtanga class and by the 20th time we were going through Chaturanga, I was convinced I had hurt myself.  But when the teachers at Y7 ask for the 10,000th plank pose I am sore – but I am not hurt.  There is a big difference.

Day 3: Triangle is such a beautiful heart opener.  It is empowering, strengthening, lengthening.  It really can do everything.  And my daughter loves doing Triangle with me.  She does yoga every day at school – the teachers tell me that she is the only one who does the postures properly.  This fills me as much pride as I imagine Barack Obama’s parents felt when he was elected to office.  Well, almost…

Day 4: Locust Pose, you are my nemesis.  Even when I was practicing Bikram five days a week, I still had no progress with this posture.  Is it that my boobs are too big?  Will my abs ever be strong enough?  Moving on…

Day 5: Crow Pose gives me hope.  While I am still not that good at getting my arms straight or even keeping my toes off the floor, with practice – I see progress.  The best tip I was given came via Instagram.  One of the yoga ladies I follow commented on a photo.  She noticed that I was looking down when I needed to be looking ahead.  She pointed out that where the eyes gaze, the body will follow.  Since then, I have done a much better job of keeping my toes off the floor.  Thank you, Kristi!

Day 6: Extended Side Angle provided me with another reminder that practice is needed.  My alignment is way off – as you can see in the photo above.  I need to bring my hips down.  But for some reason, while I do this posture in a lot of challenges, I can’t remember the last time I did it in class.  I feel I could really benefit from some hands-on help.  Will ask the teacher in my next class to give the pose a look for me.  Can’t be shy.

Day 7: L-Sit was impossible for me. The aforementioned soft belly really did me in with this posture.  But this is one of those times when I need to forgive myself.  Accept that my stomach muscles may never be what they once were.  But to also keep trying – because maybe they can be!



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