Basic Yoga Mix Challenge: Week Two

I know I just wrote about the first week but I am trying to do a good job of staying on track… So here we go with week two. I really have to wonder how they named this challenge. Maybe Kerri Verna and Kino MacGregor have been consistently practicing for so long that these postures seem basic to them? Either way, it’s been nice to have this challenge to look forward to every day. Nice to be back in a routine.

Day Eight: Marichasana A is a favorite posture. It is hard but I can do it and the non-yoga part of my psyche likes that ego boost. It is also a great stretch for the hamstrings and if done properly (i.e. by avoiding hunching over) for your back as well. I like that I can always push myself harder in this pose. Get my back a little flatter, hold opposite fingers, someday hands and maybe even wrists. We’ll see.

Day Nine: Boat Pose also requires a flat back. I see so many people in class with rounded backs – all excited about their posture. I wonder what I would be like as a teacher. Would I be able to see a room full of people out of alignment and move on? Would I stop the class to demonstrate the pose? When I was getting my MA, my teacher told me that she chose one thing per semester to worry about, and let the rest go. So for now, I concentrate on my own alignment – and let height go.

Day Ten: King Pigeon Pose is so much easier at the end of the class than the beginning. It so deeply requires that one be warmed up and stretched. But when you are – it’s so rewarding! The linked video does a great job of demonstrating the flipped grip. I’m going to work on that…

Day Eleven: Pistol Squat was a new one for me. I had ACL replacement surgery on my left knee so I’m not sure I will ever be able to squat on that side. But it was nice to try something completely out of my wheelhouse.

Day 12: Bow Pose continues to be a challenge for me. I have a hell of a time with this pose and really don’t know if it will ever get any better for me. But they say, the pose you dread is the one you need the most. So I should be in Bow as I type, basically. And this time around, my daughter tried it with me. Nothing better than that!

Day 13: Eight Angle Pose is one of those postures that I just can’t get my head around. I see other people do it – I know it is possible. Lots of people say it’s easy. Maybe my legs are too short? That’s just an excuse. For now, I will stick with Straight Leg Side Crow when I’m asked for an asymetrical arm balance.

Day 14: Low Lunge is the perfect example of yoga looking easy but actually being super hard. My mom told me that audiences always applaude easy ballet moves that look impressive. But the really hard ones, when done well, look like a piece of cake. This posture proves her right. But I will keep practicing… Practice and all is coming.



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