Did you get it? (Super Soldier Pose)

When I first saw Super Soldier, I thought there was no possible way I could ever achieve the full expression. It’s still hard for me to get my hand off the ground to salute. But I am sharing it with you because it reminds me that we should always give things a try – because what can you lose?

Oddly, one of the things that hold me back from trying some of these postures is that I wonder if they are really yoga. That there is a list of true yoga postures and that I shouldn’t give any credence to these other poses. Why am I drawing this line for myself between yoga, gymnastics, acrobatics and any other physical activity? Why does it matter?

And why do we only think we should share postures that have been achieved. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see that my arm is blurry. That is because I had my hand off the ground for all of a second. What does it matter that I achieved that? Why not show the posture with my hand on the ground. It’s easier, but I am getting everything I need from it – working on balance, getting a nice stretch for the thigh of my bent leg and strengthening the standing leg.

I don’t really have an answer to my questions but would love to hear thoughts.



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