Sharing Your Practice 

On Thursday, I tried to do Grasshopper Pose and was unsuccessful. It’s not the first time I have tried and failed – I actually wrote a blog entry about letting the posture go. About accepting that some things are out of your grasp and being OK with that.

And yet… I was so close. Was this really something I couldn’t do? Was I missing some small thing? I studied the picture of me from Thursday, truly LISTENED to the instructions Kerri Verna and Kino MacGregor were giving. But most importantly, I shared my practice with my friends. I asked a co-worker who has a yoga practice that is as consistent – if not more so – as my own. And a friend (currently freelancing at my office) who is a professional ballet dancer and circus performer. I showed them the pictures of the experts and then the picture of me giving it a try and we broke it down.

In her instruction, Kerri Verna (AKA Beach Yoga Girl) mentioned “Chatarunga arms.” I noticed that my arms weren’t at a 90° – hence my foot slipping off. With my friend’s support, and a healthy dose of humility – I finally achieved Grasshopper Pose! I have a long way to go, don’t get me wrong. I held the posture for all of 30 seconds and my alignment is way off. My straight leg is behind me when it should be out to the side. And yet, my little Grasshopper flew! I am focusing on that for now.

Kino has her straight leg resting on her arm, I will work up to that. Or try, anyway. She also has her head higher off the ground. Again, something to work on. But I now know I can – with a little help from my friends.



5 thoughts on “Sharing Your Practice 

  1. hey shephathiah! So I have been doing my “beginner yoga” dvd pretty regularly for the past few months, and have been getting better (I think!). I’m not up to grasshopper or anything, which is fine with me, but I found an earlier post of yours where you talk about executing Chaturanga really helpful.
    I was wondering if you had any hints or commentary on a question I have about warrior poses. Sometimes I find myself feeling unbalanced in warrior. I’m not falling down or anything, but sometimes when I’m in the pose I feel like I’m not as steady/firm? I am wondering if it’s a feet alignment thing? Am I trying to hard to keep my front thigh parallel to the ground?
    Just wondering if you had any thoughts
    hope you guys are well! I miss you!

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    1. Thank you so much for this Alyce! I’m really glad my post was helpful. Super busy this week – will send you a real email on that. But you have motivated me to restart my blog. First new post? Warrior pose!


    2. It took me a while and I am sorry for that – but I just wrote a post about the Warrior Poses for you. Hopefully it is helpful but let me know if you have any questions – happy to answer them in the comments section or via email. Whatever is best for you. Namaste! XO


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