The Doughnut Project

I’m back, babies!  Yes – did you miss me?  Because I missed you…  So let’s just get right into it.  The Doughnut Project is on a small street in the West Village and visually everything you want it to be.  The smell is amazing, the coffee – perfection.  When we visited, a Japanese television station was filming with one man attempting to sample every offering.  And a family of four – mom, dad, son, grandma – were endeavoring to do the same.  It was pretty awesome.  We bought four doughnuts – and an iced coffee for me – and got to work…

Everything Doughnut: I have seen this doughnut get more press than any other and was naturally intrigued. Maybe it was talked up so much that I had to be disappointed. Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in NYC but I have a very specific understanding not only of what an everything bagel should taste like – but what it’s texture should be as well.  (Spoiler alert: It should be a warm whole wheat everything bagel from Ess-A-Bagel.)  Or maybe, this is the one time when having one fresh out of the fryer was a bad thing.  The glaze hadn’t yet hardened and made for a bit of a mess.  But mouth-feel aside, I was not a fan of the flavor combination.  It wasn’t interesting enough.  Not all experiments succeed.

The “Classic” – Maple Bacon Bar:  This was easily my husband’s favorite.  Everyone has to put bacon in everything.  I am a purist – I like my bacon crispy with maybe a little syrup that found it’s way over to that side of the plate from my pancakes.  But if this were my jam, I think this would be the best iteration of “bacon where bacon shouldn’t be” that I have ever had.  The maple isn’t too sweet and they managed to make the bacon crispy without it being burnt.

The Wayne Wonder: My second favorite it was also the least experimental of the bunch.  That said, it was a wonderful balance of yummy cocoa topped with buttered pretzel, ritz, & potato chip crumble.  Unlike the everything doughnut, this hit the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Those Beetz are Dope: This doughnut was so good it made me physically mad at the others for taking up room in my belly and making it impossible for me to finish every last bite. The glaze tastes like real beets.  The ricotta is the perfect balance of flavor and texture.  I understood immediately why the guys in the store said it was their favorite.  I will 100% be back for this doughnut and their Brooklyn Roasting Company iced brew.

Two icing laden thumbs up.



4 thoughts on “The Doughnut Project

  1. You make me want a doughnut NOW! I was not even a big fan of doughnuts but then we don’t have all the interesting ones to choose from in Columbia, MD. I will enjoy reading about your doughnut adventures and have to make a trip to The Village to get some. Thanks for the great writing!

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