Transformation Tuesday

How much can one person change?  Are certain aspects of one’s self fixed entities?  I’m not talking about changing how I eat (which could use some improvement) or how much exercise I get (not enough).  Can I become the extrovert I would need to be to become a yoga teacher.  I can go to the training, but can I actually teach a class?  If I can teach a class, can I advertise said class on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or whatever it is the kids use these days?

I saw a couple of “help wanted” postings on the profiles of fitness coaches I follow on Instagram.  But most of them seem to just be sales jobs in disguise.  I really don’t want to plaster strangers feeds, let alone the feeds of my friends, with thinly veiled requests that someone buy a shake or pair of leggings.  But if I want to make this my new career, is this the first step?  I can’t immediately be Kino MacGregor or Kerri Verna.  But do I have to be a used car salesman first?  How does an introvert let the world know that she is ready for a something new.

Can someone who is shy ask the world to help her make such a big change?  I hope the answer is yes.  But I find it hard to believe there is any way that is possible.  Deep breaths.


P.S. The above posture is Head to Knee Pose which comes towards the end of the Bikram Yoga Series.  It is often referred to as a good way to practice Standing Head to Knee Pose.  And while, yes – the postures are similar, the very thing that makes Standing Head to Knee Pose difficult (STANDING) is out of the picture.  However, the pose coming at the end of the series, when you are more than a little tired makes it hard to achieve as well.  While I was able to get my heel off the ground for this pose, it is not always the case in class.  Context is everything with these postures.  Never give yourself a hard time for a pose that won’t come in a hot and humid room.  The odds are stacked against you.


10 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. As a shy introvert I have so many of the same questions you do. I completed yoga teacher training in the fall, but have not yet begun to teach for a variety of complicated reasons. I don’t want to sell shakes or videos. Just help people grow to be there best. If teaching is your dream, follow it!

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  2. I don’t think you have to change your constitution to be a yoga teacher. Many of my favorite teachers are introverts, and they bring as much (if not more!) to the table than the extroverts. As a fellow introvert who recently went through teacher training, you just need to get through those initial discomforts. You are going to be an amazing teacher.

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  3. Ahhh I feel the exact same way. Being an extremely anxious and introverted person I actually follow both Kino and Kerri on Instagram and practice Yoga at home (hence the introvert) and watch Kino’s videos to become better at Yoga 🙂 I am nowhere near where they are, but as they say its not the results you get or how flexible you are, it’s the journey. ❤

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  4. I have a fitness/self improvement blog and YouTube channel if you would like to collaborate and help reach out to people, making a difference. I’m guessing you meant kino body? Not all of us inherited millions of dollars, mansions,and luxuries lol so we can’t all be him. What we can do is make the world a better place 🙂 one post at a time.

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