Doughnut Plant, I’ve Missed You So…

My husband and I had an appointment in Chelsea today so naturally I had to swing by Doughnut Plant.  I shared the doughnuts with my mom – who only says “those are good” as she basically swallows them whole.  So I apologize that this is quite one sided.  That said, I honestly can’t imagine that anyone would disagree with any of this.  These doughnuts are bomb.  Period.

I ate the White Out (bottom) doughnut first, assuming I would like it the least.  I could not have been more wrong.  From the second I bit into it, I realized that I am lucky I no longer work in the neighborhood.  Or more to the point, my waist is.  I would EASILY eat one per day.  No joke.  A cake doughnut with white chocolate pudding filling, white chocolate glaze and  cake crumbs on top, I assumed that it would be too sweet.  Why did I doubt you DP?  I apologize.  It has everything I like about the Tres Leches doughnut, but better.  I can’t even think – I want another one right now.

The strawberry doughnut did DP’s history well – made with real strawberries it somehow manages to make you imagine you were in a field eating wild fruit while jamming fried dough in your mouth hole.  It reinforced my stance that DP makes the best cake doughnuts.

It occurred to me as I bit in to the Banana Pecan and Banana Cream doughseed filled doughnut that I had ordered two flavors that I normally don’t like outside their natural state (strawberries and bananas).  Shows you how good Doughnut Plant is – the concern didn’t even cross my mind.  And no mattet the time of day, their doughnuts are consistently amazingly fresh.  As much as I love Dough, the same can not be said for them.

I always like to get one doughnut that I have had before – a litmus test of sorts.  I went with the coffee cake doughnut, and it never disapoints.  My mom’s favorite of the lot, it balances the sweetness of the glaze with the coffee crumbs, fresh ground coffee beans and the slightest touch of salt with aplomb.  If you find yourself at Doughnut Plant (lucky) and only want one doughnut, you can’t go wrong with the coffee cake.



2 thoughts on “Doughnut Plant, I’ve Missed You So…

  1. Donuts are pretty good. However I came across your blog and I see that you are aspiring to teach yoga and do a lot of Bikram. I would think that cutting that stuff out of your diet (except maybe on a rare occasion) could really help your practice quite a bit. I’ve noticed since I started Bikram, my body wants to eat better and I feel better, more alive, more energy, and stronger. Just a suggestion.


    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m finishing teacher training now – not sure I “aspire” to teach, but we’ll see where the road takes me. I would say that all bodies, environments, emotions and experiences are different. You have found something that works for you. I have done the same. I enjoy Bikram yoga and doughnuts and have a pretty strong practice. I certainly feel alive, and strong. And I support you in your plan as well. Namaste.


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