Can Leggings Be Pants?

I worry about the strangest things.  Currently debating the following:

Can leggings be pants?  I’ve always maintained a hard stance that they can not and are not.  But if I become a yoga teacher, won’t I be wearing them ALL THE TIME?  Would I wear jeans to the studio and then change?  That seems silly.  But can I just wear leggings walking down the street?  Maybe if they are black Lululemon pants – as seen above – because they are thicker.  And if I am a yoga teacher and I wear leggings all the time, what happens with my real clothes?  Do I donate it all?  Keep stuff for when I go out with Chad or a friend has a birthday party?  I will need more casual tops.  And Lululemon pants.  

Do you worry about silly, theoretical stuff?  Would love to hear about it in the comments.



3 thoughts on “Can Leggings Be Pants?

  1. I think about stuff like this, too! I think as a yoga teacher owning more yoga pants than jeans is acceptable! But wearing yoga pants to a corporate job would be a no no. If it fits your lifestyle, yes! I think leggings can be pants. Just make sure they aren’t see through. If I’m wearing leggings outside of yoga class, I make sure my butt is covered by either my top or a jacket, too, as an extra layer of coverage.


    1. I agree 100% – I would never wear leggings in an office environment. Unless they were under a dress – in which case they are functioning more like tights. But I feel uncomfortable walking down the street in leggings even when I’m going around the corner to my yoga class. However, that may be as much a function of my living in NYC as anything else. Maybe I can do leggings with a long shirt over to cover my bum and then take off said shirt when I get to class. Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy. 🙂

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