Making the Bed

I need a routine.  And yes, I have said this before.  However, since being fired, the need for a schedule has become that much more evident to me.  I thought that not going to work every day would automatically – with no actual work on my part – turn me into a gym rat.  With all that free time on my hand, what else would I be doing?  But I forgot to factor in one thing.  My lovely son (AKA Future POTUS) has stood in my way EVERY DAMNED DAY.  After helping my husband and daughter get out the door in the morning, my son and I snuggle on the couch and watch daytime TV.  And somehow, the hours between 9AM and 3PM (when my daughter come back home) are wasted.

I have to admit, being fired has weighed on me.  I think of the Mean Girls I worked with.  I think of how miserable I was at that job.  And how being fired has allowed me the time to go to yoga teacher training next month, and time with my son this month.  But still – rejection is hard, even from someone (or something) you dislike.

And yet, it’s time to get over myself and back on that horse.  The healthy, clean eating horse that likes to exercise.  Or something like that.  With that in mind, I have signed up for Beachbody on Demand and have a bunch of Shakology drinks waiting for me.  I like to use something to kickstart things and while I have used juice fasts in the past, I need something that I can maintain this time.  And honestly, there is no way I can drink juice for seven days without the distraction of work.

I may be the only person in the English-speaking world who didn’t know about Beachbody.  That’s not true – I had heard of P90X and Insanity but didn’t know they lived under the same corporate umbrella, let alone that they were two of many offerings.  I am not big into HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) – which is what P90X and Insanity both are – they have many other programs available.  I’ve decided to spend the next two weeks trying their Challenge du Jour (dipping my toe in many pools rather than diving into a month-long challenge I may not like).  I ordered a bunch of Shakology and found a Horchata recipe I’m excited to try.  I’m also going to use my unlimited MetroCard to take advantage of the unlimited classes that came available to me when I signed up for yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida.  You can expect updates shortly.

Wish me luck!




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