The Doughuts Can Be Anything, Not Everything

The doughnuts are a metaphor, a stand-in, an idea.  They aren’t always doughnuts for me.  They are often a glass of wine or a manicure that I didn’t really need.  The doughnuts in the title of this blog…  Let’s take a step back.  I started writing this because I wanted to show people that balance was possible.  That you don’t have to become a vegan and dedicate your life to pilates to be happy and healthy.  If that’s your jam, than you do you.  But if you aren’t able to achieve that, your response shouldn’t be to just let it all go to pot.

The point is this – don’t throw away the baby with the bath water.  You ate a doughnut today?  That’s OK.  Don’t torture yourself.  But don’t give up either.  Make sure you take that class tomorrow, or go for a longer run.  A friend gets off the subway one stop early and walks ten extra blocks.

But the doughnuts can not be the yoga.  The doughnuts are the treat.  The yoga has to be the norm, the grind, the daily routine.  The yoga is the alarm that goes off every morning, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hell – an hour earlier than you wish it would.  But you get up and you do what has to be done.  It’s the class that makes you think you may pass out – but challenges you and makes you feel stronger than you ever have.  It’s the tennis game you play with your friend that replaces (well, maybe not REPLACES) your boozy brunch.

Don’t get me wrong, I can spot a Dough doughnut vs. one from Doughnut Plant in the thumbnails on Yelp.  And yes, I ate the doughnuts you see in the back of the above image (they were only OK).  But I also have Beachbody on Demand and have grown to love their shorter videos (more on that tomorrow) as they allow me to get in a workout no matter what.  Because even with the best intentions, life can throw you a curve ball.  Maybe you signed up for a class and your son threw up on you as you walked out the door.  Not that I would know anything about that.  And it’s SO EASY to just jam a doughnut down your throat as you bounce from one task to the next.  But ask yourself, would you blow off a meeting with your boss?  Ever?

You are the boss of your fitness regime.  You made that appointment.  Try to keep it.  And when you do, maybe five days out of seven?  Reward yourself with a doughnut.  I’m happy to make a recommendation.



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