Warrior Poses

Virabhadra or Warrior poses are some of my favorite asanas.  They are empowering and easily lend themselves to flows from one to the next.  But as their presence in many vinyasa classes is ubiquitous, they are often called out with little to no instruction.  So let’s break them down – Warrior I, II, III and […]

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Making it Through the Day

Yesterday, I decided to get back on track. Today is September 11th. The above photo is from July 4th, 1976. I was born March 10th, 1976. I will soon be 40 years old. The towers never were. I love that photo. It’s surreal. I showed it to my mom who was mad that she never […]

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Baked by Butterfield

I took a Flexible Friday from work today so you know what that means – doughnut field-trip! Today we jumped on the subway and went to Baked by Butterfield on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Flexible Fridays mean typing with one hand while feeding my kids with the other so I actually ate them […]

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