The Doughnut Project

I’m back, babies!  Yes – did you miss me?  Because I missed you…  So let’s just get right into it.  The Doughnut Project is on a small street in the West Village and visually everything you want it to be.  The smell is amazing, the coffee – perfection.  When we visited, a Japanese television station […]

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Mexican Pasta Salad?

I have been to Mexico twice now and don’t remember anyone eating pasta, let alone pasta salad. But I can’t think of a better name for this dish. Any suggestions? The below serves five at 600 calories per serving – as per My Fitness Pal. I added chicken to the original recipe, and took some […]

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Choosing a Drishti

A Drishti is a focal point, it relates to the fifth limb of yoga, Pratyahara. It is also 100% necessary when you are practicing yoga in semi-darkness. I had heard of, and used, Drishti before when attempting to calm my mind or balance in some new crazy posture. However, I didn’t know how important they […]

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Yoga Gives Back Challenge

If you read my blog regularly (or follow me on Instagram) you know that I am addicted to yoga posture challenges. This month was no different from the rest except for a lovely charitable component. More pictures posted with the hashtag #yogagivesback the more money we raise. As I type – we have posted 86,965 […]

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