Yoga is Intimidating 

I graduated from teacher training at the beginning of July. Since then, I have had the pleasure of sharing these teachings with some new students. Through these classes, the biggest thing I have learned is that many people find yoga intimidating. One friend told me that she would rather go to a HIIT (High Intensity […]

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Making the Bed

I need a routine.  And yes, I have said this before.  However, since being fired, the need for a schedule has become that much more evident to me.  I thought that not going to work every day would automatically – with no actual work on my part – turn me into a gym rat.  With […]

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Can Leggings Be Pants?

I worry about the strangest things.  Currently debating the following: Can leggings be pants?  I’ve always maintained a hard stance that they can not and are not.  But if I become a yoga teacher, won’t I be wearing them ALL THE TIME?  Would I wear jeans to the studio and then change?  That seems silly. […]

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Finding My Way Home

In November of last year, after five years with the comany, I quit a job that I loved but which I worried had become too “easy.”  I use quotes because my job was nothing close to easy – however, I knew it like the back of my hand.  I was comfortable and convinced that I […]

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