My Smoothies are the Worst

I love the idea of smoothies.  Always have – it’s an easy way to get your nutrition.  But I have NEVER been able to make one.  I try.  But I either break the blender (no joke, I have broken two NutriBullets) or I make a smoothie that consists of nothing but milk and blueberries.  And […]

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Yoga and Instagram

Instagram has completely changed my yoga practice.  And I have my friend Katie to thank for it.  While she has now become a yoga instructor herself, this was not the case when she first turned me on to the world of Instagram yoga it was by inviting me to join her in a challenge.  We were […]

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It’s Good to Have a Routine

This summer was a rough one for me, I won’t lie. Emotionally, physically – financially. My British half won’t allow me to delve too deeply into the emotional (or financial) side of things. Sufficient to say, I indulged in some self-pity and am now trying to pull myself back out. My daughter has Autism. She […]

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Lavender Doughnuts

I need to get back into the groove. With working out. With blogging… Let’s start with eating some doughnuts, shall we. Best way to dip my toe in the water. I have never been able to catch the Lavender doughnuts at Doughnut Plant. They are only ever offered for a short time and I always […]

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Last week Sunday I felt super dizzy in Bikram class. In a room heated to 104 °F with a humidity level of 40%, it’s not exactly unusual to feel that way. But then I started getting tunnel vision and as we came out of compression postures, my limbs felt more tingly than usual. I was […]

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