I Have a Blog

My pursuit of perfection is paralyzing. I also love alliteration. But I can’t digress in the second sentence – so let’s get down to business. After 12 years as an EA, I am trying my damnedest to attempt something new. I went to yoga teacher training and am actually teaching some classes. Private only for […]

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Happiness is Not a Luxury

Week two of yoga teacher training is complete.  I am still not 100% able to say I deserve this – a month of studying something I love.  I’m not sure that I ever will be.  But what I have come to understand is that happiness should never be considered a luxury item.  You shouldn’t give […]

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I Am Allowed to do This 

I am one week in to my yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida.  We learned philosophy (which I loved) and anatomy (which may be the reason I fail this class).  Every day begins with asana practice (AKA a yoga class).  The first day, I smiled realizing that – were I at my old job, I […]

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To Om or Not to Om

I took my usual Friday class at Yoga Shanti today. The usual teacher I go to, Jamie Lugo, wasn’t there but the sub was great – Ali Cramer. We flowed through some great sun salutations and really warmed up our bodies – very necessary in this cold insanity that has been winter in NYC. We […]

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