To Bind or Not to Bind

My mother was a professional ballet dancer.  Although, if you ask her, she will tell you that I am ten times more flexible than she.  Hereditary or not, I have been blessed with a rather bendy body.  When I was in elementary school, we did this yearly President’s Challenge Fitness thing part of which was […]

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Bridge Pose vs. Wheel Pose 

First and foremost, shout-out to my girl Erinn in the picture above who totally went for it in the middle of NYC this afternoon. Outside of my daughter, I never post pictures of anyone else in a posture. Wheel, however, is a different story… Wheel Pose, something that seems simple to many, is a thorn […]

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Marichyasana I 

I love this posture because it takes something that comes quite easily to me (touching my knee with my head) and makes it hard. I don’t 100% understand postures that are dedicated to someone. I know I can use the “interwebs” to find out, but I don’t feel like it just now. This posture is […]

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