I Am Allowed to do This 

I am one week in to my yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida.  We learned philosophy (which I loved) and anatomy (which may be the reason I fail this class).  Every day begins with asana practice (AKA a yoga class).  The first day, I smiled realizing that – were I at my old job, I […]

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My Smoothies are the Worst

I love the idea of smoothies.  Always have – it’s an easy way to get your nutrition.  But I have NEVER been able to make one.  I try.  But I either break the blender (no joke, I have broken two NutriBullets) or I make a smoothie that consists of nothing but milk and blueberries.  And […]

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Is Ten Minutes Enough?

When I was in high school, Eight Minute Abs came out.  At the time, you had to order the VHS tape via phone – not you can just click on THIS link and watch the whole thing.  Yes, that is the original video from the early 90s.  I don’t blame you if you want to […]

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