Peleton Cycle (Studio Review)

Peleton is a great idea and I fully admit that I am spoiled as I live in NYC where there are a million spin class options, work in the Flatiron District which has the densest concentration of said classes and I have a ClassPass membership so I can try (and, therefore, have opinions about) classes […]

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Weekly Workouts (May 4th)

Last week I went to a great vinyasa class on Tuesday at Yoga Maya where we worked on getting wide – which was unusual as (if you think about it) you almost always stay on a pretty narrow path. When coming up to the front of the mat from downward facing dog, we brought our […]

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Endorphins and Emotions

This weekend was rough. I’m not the type to share everything on social media – despite the fact that I have a blog. Suffice it to say that I needed to go to church on Sunday. My version of church – Flywheel. I have written many times about the moving meditation that is yoga – […]

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Weekly Workouts (March 9th)

Thankfully I walked up the stairs at work rather than the elevator because that was basically the sum total of my exercise experience last week. Friday I managed to go to yoga and that was it. But I am going to have to try harder this week as construction has shut down the lobby at […]

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