Yoga is Intimidating 

I graduated from teacher training at the beginning of July. Since then, I have had the pleasure of sharing these teachings with some new students. Through these classes, the biggest thing I have learned is that many people find yoga intimidating. One friend told me that she would rather go to a HIIT (High Intensity […]

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Yoga and Instagram

Instagram has completely changed my yoga practice.  And I have my friend Katie to thank for it.  While she has now become a yoga instructor herself, this was not the case when she first turned me on to the world of Instagram yoga it was by inviting me to join her in a challenge.  We were […]

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Eka Pada Koundinyasana 

Practice and all is coming. It may not be super obvious from the photos, but I have gotten SO much better at this posture. The first time I did it, I basically got my toe off the ground for like two seconds and yelled at my husband to take the photo. Looking at my second […]

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Weekly Workouts (June 1st)

I feel like I JUST wrote about this, because I did. But I want to get back on track with posting – after a mini vacation hiatus. So here we go… Last week I was brave and not only tried my first ever Zumba class, but also tried out a new yoga studio: Laughing Lotus. […]

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Investing in a Yoga Mat

When I first started going to yoga regularly, five years ago, I had a Nike mat that looked something like this. It came for free with my Nike Yoga bag. It was nicer than the rental mats so I thought I was doing pretty well. I was also doing Bikram five times a week so […]

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