I Am Allowed to do This 

I am one week in to my yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida.  We learned philosophy (which I loved) and anatomy (which may be the reason I fail this class).  Every day begins with asana practice (AKA a yoga class).  The first day, I smiled realizing that – were I at my old job, I […]

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Weekly Workouts (February 2nd)

Last week was a complete and utter loss. Monday I was tired, Tuesday was the “blizzard.” Because of the stupid blizzard I had to work late Wednesday. Thursday and Friday my mom was freaking out with the kids. Saturday my husband had to go to the dentist in the morning and we visited friends in […]

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Yogi Day Camp at Yoga Vida

Today, from 9:30a to 6PM I learned about and practiced different aspects of yoga. All at one of my favorite studios in NYC, Yoga Vida. The space itself is so welcoming, how could I go wrong. We started with a class on anatomy. I am not a doctor and can’t even begin to pretend that […]

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